Arceil Leadership Ltd.


Founded in 1997, Arceil Leadership is a boutique consultancy featuring the experience, wisdom, and insights of its founder, Thomas J. Lee.

We take pride in addressing the enduring strategic challenges that companies face: people engagement and alignment, employee turnover, effective communication, force-multiplying the concerns and priorities of senior leadership, generating organic growth, and so much more.

Our expertise rests on extensive best-practice benchmarking (nearly thirty companies and counting) of leadership and strategic communication, interviews with senior executives and mid-level managers, and focus groups with hourly, salaried, and supervisory employees. More than one thousand people have participated in these endeavors. Although the anecdotes naturally varied from company to company, the themes they reflected were remarkably constant. Those themes have become core principles of our work.

Our founding is a classic case of the better mousetrap. After an initial round of benchmarking led him to some counterintuitive ideas, Thomas Lee gave a number of public presentations outlining solutions for common problems that corporations faced. The telephone began ringing. Other companies asked to buy days of his time from his full-time employer. The next few months included two speaking engagements abroad. Finally, secure in the knowledge there was a market for his exceptional skillset, he left the company and struck out on his own. His first client was Harley-Davidson Motor Company in Milwaukee. Many other Fortune 500 clients have followed.

People often ask about our name. We coined it, and we pronounce it are-SEAL. It is derived from the French word for rainbow, l’arc-en-ciel (literally, an arc in the sky). We had to flip-flop the i and the e because of the English rule i before e except after c. Yes, we are aware of the many exceptions to that rule.



You can reach us in multiple ways:

  • By email, we're at Our days are typically full, so please allow us time to respond.
  • By telephone, we're at +1-650-464-1770. It's wise to email us before calling. That way, we will have your contact information in writing, and we can schedule a convenient time to talk.
  • Please note that we're usually in the Central U.S. time zone. Leave a clear voice-mail message if we don't answer.
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  • Many of your preliminary questions may already be answered in the About, Speaking, and FAQ pages on this site.


By all means, do reach out to us!