If It's Engagement You Need, You Need Thomas J. Lee


THOMAS J. LEE brings decades of experience and expertise to leadership and its purpose: people engagement for breakthrough change and extraordinary performance, whether in business or public affairs. An authority on leadership and the communication that energizes it, he draws on a wealth of knowledge to drive your strategy, support your initiatives, and change your culture.

A dynamic, high-energy speaker with extensive international experience, Tom has spoken at professional conferences and corporate venues throughout the United States and across Canada, as well as in Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America. Audiences from London to Bogotá, Warsaw to San Francisco, Johannesburg to Calgary, and Amsterdam to Lima have applauded his colorful stories and affirming message of opportunity, organic growth, and actionable priorities. At home, he teaches leadership to some of the brightest and most promising graduate students in the world, at The University of Chicago.

As a speaker, he shares memorable examples and real-life stories that illustrate extraordinary leadership and performance. As a consultant, Tom brings clarity and creativity to your strategic vision, direction, and goals. As a trainer, he teaches a simple, easy process of leadership to thousands of managers at our biggest and best companies, in the United States and abroad. 

In short, he helps managers become energetic, inspiring leaders who truly connect with people to sink the roots of change deep in a culture and make the change last.

Patricia Claire Photography

Patricia Claire Photography

Over the last 20 years, Tom has culled best practices in engagement, leadership, and organizational communication from major, pace-setting corporations. Once he identified and documented what really works, he created a powerful process with proven strategies and practical tools that build workforce engagement and help managers learn to work as leaders. That clears a path for change and barrier-breaking business performance.

Tom believes that anyone in any position of authority in any organization must exercise credible and compelling leadership. That most certainly includes front-line managers and supervisors, typically overlooked and undervalued. 

He recognizes clear communication as the very energy of leadership. Without it, would-be leaders are unable to lead, for they cannot connect with people. That connection is everything. It must be mutually engaging, mutually productive, and mutually sustained. Otherwise, leaders won’t be able to lead breakout change. They will only muddle along.

One of Tom's special interests is servant leadership, the notion that leaders lead best by serving their people rather than always expecting to be served. By serving people, the leader unlocks their capacity to go far beyond their preconceived limits. It opens the door to new achievements, both individually and collectively. 

A former journalist and executive speechwriter for Fortune 100 CEOs, Tom is an alumnus of The University of Chicago, where he now lectures on leadership to graduate students in public policy, business, and law, and of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. 

On the personal side, Tom enjoys hiking in the wilderness, working out in the gym, reading biography and history, listening to music from jazz to opera, watching the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field, discussing politics and public policy, fly fishing, and cooking for friends. His latest passion is ballroom dancing, but he is still just a clumsy greenhorn.

A native of Wisconsin, he lives now in north suburban Chicago. He is the father of a grown daughter, who is an attorney in the high-tech sector in Chicago. 



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