What People Are Saying


“Thomas is an expert in leadership communication, especially as it relates to leading employees at every level to align their work behavior with organizational goals and objectives. At Harley-Davidson Motor Co., I brought Thomas in to not just train senior leadership, but also to train middle management and then to train the trainers so his Rainbow concepts could percolate throughout the organization. Thomas was so successful he was on contract advising the company for several years.”

— Lisa Berman
Harley-Davidson Motor Company


“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and benefitting from Tom and his words of wisdom for several years, dating back to when I served as senior director of global internal and executive communications at Merck & Co., Inc. He is one of the true oracles of leadership and employee engagement, and his thought leadership not only informs, it inspires. When Tom speaks, all of us as strategic communicators and leaders are well served to stop, listen, and engage.”

— Fred Ramos
Merck, Zurich North America, and Highmark Health


“I have had the opportunity to work with Tom in two different organizations. He is incredibly attuned to the needs of business leaders and has a unique ability to connect with broad audiences. His Rainbow model of effective communications is an outstanding business tool. Leaders are constantly referring to the model and ensuring that their informal voice matches with their formal voice.”

— Patrice Dudley Aviles
Pfizer, Amgen, and Genentech


“Tom Lee is a genuine thought leader — even pioneer — in the field of organizational communication. His identification and elaboration of the three types of organizational communication–the formal, informal and semi-formal–have proved a great advance in how organizations really communicate. His presentation of his ideas, with examples, at Weyerhaeuser and other companies have spurred these companies to increased organizational effectiveness through improved communication.”

— Dave Miller


“Thomas’ communications model has served me well as a useful tool to gain insight into leaders’ communications strengths and employees’ communications needs. I particularly recommend the tool in times of organizational change.”

— Judith Jones
The New York Times Co.


“I had the good fortune of working with Tom for a mutual Fortune 500 client, where Tom provided his subject matter expertise to develop a leadership communications course, which was part of a larger leadership program. It was an excellent opportunity to learn from Tom’s insight and experience in the field of leadership. Tom is known to be an engaging speaker and the participants in his classroom program had rave reviews. The leadership communications program later became best in class and was replicated throughout the company. I highly recommend Tom’s expertise.”

— Teri Hart
Northwestern Mutual and Discover Financial


“Thomas Lee is a high energy consultant with great breadth of practical experience. Our organization engaged Thomas to assist us with a business critical communication that required engagement and support of many levels of management and supervision. Thomas provided guidance and tools to achieve our goal.”

— Heidi Ciha
John Deere & Co.


“Tom Lee’s work articulates leadership effectiveness and communication strategies, tools and skills better than any other writer or consultant I have read or engaged - including best-selling authors and top consultants. More than anyone else, he integrates leadership and communication into pragmatic, actionable information and solutions for today's complex organizations. You could read 30 or more books and attend as many or more conferences, but Tom takes the mountain of management and leadership information and makes it all come together.”

— Shari Murphy
Schneider National



From Evaluations of our Presentations and Workshops


“This was a top-notch program directly geared [to] the success of managers. It was a continuing education program among peers.”

senior manager of a Fortune 100 consumer-products company


“I have worked for this agency for 25 years, and I have never had a day of in-service training as valuable as today’s.”

scientist, agency of the U.S. government


“I’ve been to a lot of leadership training. The focus of this course was unique and refreshing.”

longtime executive, Fortune 100 industrial corporation


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was full of practical information and advice that I can use both in business and in my personal life.”

executive of global pharmaceutical company


“Excellent presenter, measured pauses, superb, enthusiastic, thought-provoking, excellent material, first-rate, will definitely recommend.”

guest participant


“I have gone through a lot of leadership training. This is one of the two best. The other was at Carnegie Mellon, and this workshop is more applicable to my day-to-day work.”

senior engineer, aerospace company


“I’ll tell it to you as simply as I can: Tom Lee rocks.”

vice president of a national telecommunications company


“Tom is terrific! Original, enthusiastic, motivating . . . the lessons are applicable, useful, and real.”

senior manager for an international food and beverage company


“Awesome, mind expanding . . . the best by far . . . useful, usable, entertaining.”

communication executive for a Canadian company


“I told my CEO and board of directors, ‘There isn’t a boring bone in Tom Lee’s body. You will love learning from him!’”

board chairman, a leading statewide charitable organization


“Often these types of workshops do not clearly relate to large manufacturing. This one clearly does, especially through the examples. Very strong presentation. I’m sure I will use the information daily.”

plant manager, heavy manufacturing company


“The Rainbow concept is exceptional. It is a concise and practical approach to gaining employee buy-in through effective communication. It seemed very obvious once it was presented but I had never put it all together [beforehand].”

mid-level manager, consumer products company



Here are some typical, unsigned, voluntary comments:


“Excellent. I think this would be valuable to go through with my entire senior management team.”


“Very valuable course. The best I’ve ever taken at A-B [Anheuser-Busch].”


“An excellent seminar. Arceil’s models are a fresh perspective on a familiar theme. Tom is a top-notch professional in the field. His message was appreciated by the managers here at Fairfield.”


“Tom, you are an excellent presenter and full of knowledge and anecdotes. I thoroughly enjoyed your program.”


“Mr. Lee is very well schooled in his field. An excellent speaker.”


“Liked the class a lot! Would like to see my SMT go through same type presentation.”


“Excellent concepts and very practical. They made a lot of sense to me, and [I] will use them today.”


“Very good presentation. Inspirational speaker.”


“Valuable. Very central to our business.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed it. Obviously Tom is well-studied in the area of communication and leadership development.”


“Excellent. Applicable everywhere.”


“Very worthwhile. I was skeptical but you won me over Mr. Fonda [a reference to Henry Fonda, the star of Twelve Angry Men, which we sometimes use as a training tool]. Thanks!”


“This class is very helpful in helping you take a broader look at communications within your organization. It provides helpful tools that will help me zero in on the message and insure that it is reaching all levels and getting through.”


“Very relevant illustrations, excellent presentation skills.”


“Terrific and well-executed. Should be required for senior executives.”


“Tom’s message of communication and leadership should be presented to all [our] factories with union leaders and managers [in attendance]!!”



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