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If you are looking for a professional, paid speaker to keynote an upcoming conference or offsite, Thomas Lee may just be the ideal choice for you.

To be sure, he isn’t right for everyone. He isn’t a good fit for companies whose "widgets" are commodities. Nor is he a good fit for organizations that have a monopoly or that are uninterested in pursuing organic growth. Nor is he the best choice for audiences that just want a few quick laughs and nothing much to think about.

On the other hand, he is a good fit for companies that bring products of unique, special, or extraordinary value to the marketplace, for organizations eager to tap into the collective insights and wisdom of their own people, and for leadership teams who want practical, realistic answers to the challenge of communication and people engagement.

Truly an international speaker, Tom has spoken throughout the United States, across Canada, and in a dozen other countries in Europe, South America, Asia, and even Africa. When he is home in the Midwest, he lectures on leadership to bright young graduate students at The University of Chicago, where for nearly twenty years he has also mentored promising young leaders.

You will find him to be highly energetic and engaging. You’ll love the stories he tells and the lessons they carry. You’ll resonate to glorious examples from companies like Harley-Davidson, Levi Strauss, Anheuser-Busch, Hewlett-Packard, Lockheed Martin, Nordstrom, Motorola, BP/Amoco, and Federal Express, among others, and you’ll leave with powerful new insights on the day-to-day work of leadership for people engagement and organic growth.

As a young journalist, Tom interviewed U.S. presidents, governors, and big-city mayors, but he never lost sight of the proverbial “little guy.” Over and over, he found that his most popular columns dealt with little-known people in ordinary walks of life. Today, he frequently reminds CEOs of the need to connect with the real heroes of their organizations: Joe on the warehouse dock, Sue in accounting, Jim on the lathe, and Joan in programming. For it is on the day-to-day decisions of ordinary people that the fortunes of our greatest corporations ultimately turn. Leaders cannot lead without followers who want to follow.

Tom’s keynote speeches (usually between 45 and 75 minutes) fall under three general rubrics: 

  • the hard, day-to-day work of leadership for people engagement
  • the challenge of communicating in a large, complex organization, and
  • the importance of emotional intelligence for servant leadership. 

In the event you cannot choose, and all three are important to you, perhaps you should explore a bigger opportunity by bringing Tom in for workshops with your leadership team and middle management. His three-day workshops consistently garner approvals from 95 percent of participants, even in windowless rooms!

In the United States and Canada, depending on specifics, our fee for a keynote is usually between $6,000 and $12,000 plus travel expenses. The basic fee for a three-day workshop, accommodating up to 24 managers, is $18,000 plus expenses.

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